Corporate Style

Your customers decide within seconds
of meeting you and your staff whether
they’ll do business with you.
Express yourself with impact.

Dress For Success

Are your staff blowing your client’s away for the right reasons? Do you feel that casual (and sometimes provocative) attire has gone too far?

Leslie provides private consultations, image coaching, organizational uniform selection, corporate visual brand refinement, dress policy refinement, and learning programs that will provide professional, polished and stylish results.

WITH LESLIE’s corporate programs YOU WILL
  • Explore how personal appearance impacts profitability and personal income & success

  • Make informed decisions about what to wear depending on the situation and intended message

  • Discover how to change the “visual volume”, credibility and power of their message using style, color, fabric, prints

  • Increase career credibility

  • Identify appropriate, respectful methods for dealing with non-compliance challenges for managers/supervisors

  • Plan a wardrobe to be affordable and maximize mix-and-match possibilities

  • Make appropriate choices for the business professional and business casual workplace


All of Leslie’s programs are CUSTOMIZED to support your corporate policies on appearance, behavior and communication, and include:

  • Phone or On-Site Consultation

  • Program Customization

  • Workbooks & Materials

  • 12 Week Integration Materials

Leslie is a proud member of:

Gal Pal Playshops

You bring the wine, I’ll bring the fun fashion know-how. Here’s the ultimate in indulgent, affordable style for up to 8 women.

VIP Programs

These exclusive programs show women how to search out and strut their savvy style, one closet at a time.

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