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1. Body Shape Basics

Imagine a wardrobe full of clothes you love, and a clear sense of knowing what flatters your shape and why.

You’ll never have to look in your closet in despair again after this workshop! Discover a new sense of confidence when you can pull anything out of your closet knowing it looks STUNNING on YOU. A handy wallet sized body shape card is included to keep you on track when you’re shopping (no more baaaad impulse purchases!)


I’ll spend some time with each woman showing her how to lose 10 pounds in an instant using style secrets of the stars, what’s smashing on her own body, and of course¸ what to avoid too!

2. From Runway to Reality

We all want to look current, “with it” and “appropriate” without looking like our daughters!

This fun Playshop is your answer to stylish, age appropriate updates! I′ll take you through the current season′s hottest trends using items of clothing & accessories to provide real life, real woman, wearable examples.

Tips & Tricks

I’ll spend some time with each woman showing her how to lose 10 pounds in an instant using style secrets of the stars, what’s smashing on her own body, and of course¸ what to avoid too!

  • Body Shape Basics

  • How to take off 10 pounds instantly

  • Expert “Dress Slim & Sexy” Strategies

  • A wallet Body Shape Basics card to avoid bad impulse buys

3. Fabulous Over 40, 50, 60…

Being “over 40″ isn´t considered “over the hill″ anymore

In fact, we´re women who know who we are, what we want, and want to be our MOST FABULOUS ever! In this session, your group of Fabulous over 40´s will:

  • Explore the secrets to looking stylish, current and “age appropriate”

  • Discover the “bubblegum” mistakes that will sabotage your stylishness and keep you looking stuck

  • Get gorgeous and age gracefully with expert style, cosmetic and trend tips & tricks

4. Your Fashion Facelift

Colour & cosmetics without the pain!

This highly individualized session is limited to 4 women. You′ll discover that just by choosing the RIGHT colours in your clothing and cosmetics choices, you look younger, your skin will glow and you′ll look rested and radiant!
In this 3 hour session you will:

  • Discover your best colour basics

  • Experience an expert “hands-on” makeup lesson, without the department store audience

5. Bra Fit Fun

I´m sure you’ve heard the statistics before: The majority of women are wearing the WRONG bra size!

Wearing the CORRECT bra makes us look slimmer, more confident, AND is so much healthier for our bodies!
Do yourself and your girlfriends a favour abd book this Bra Fit Fun session, they’ll thank you later!

You’ll Learn
  • How to measure for the correct bra size

  • Solutions for “challenging to fit” busts

  • The most common bra fit pitfalls

  • Decode and translate the world of bra terminology, and why you need to know the lingo!

  • This exclusive Playshop is on location in Calgary, providing the opportunity for you to try on bras that are best for your bustline

6. Full Figure Flattery

Secrets for plus-sized women revealed

Sometimes getting dressed is challenging, regardless of our size. Let´s face it, full-figured women have their own unique challenges. Limited selection and sometimes ridiculous trends can make getting dressed so frustrating!

In this session
  • Discover why black isn´t always your best friend

  • Explore the current trends and how to make them work for you

  • Receive top dressing tips to flatter the figure you have TODAY

  • Expert “Dress Slim & Sexy” Strategies


Have you ever noticed how a simple outfit can go from “whoa” to “WOW!” with an accessory or two?

Looking and feeling outstanding comes with the ″finishing touches″, but wander through any accessories department and you´re bombarded by choice.

In this session, you and your gal pals will discover the six secrets to finding out what the pros know to looking put together and stylish and discover your unique “accessorizing blueprint” to make choosing accessories a breeze! You will also receive a simple Excess-orizing Checklist to know when your accessories are too much, not enough or just right!

Ready to host your own Playshop?

Your group of up to 8 women will enjoy a private, expert guided session on all the latest style savvy topics. Learn all the tricks and style secrets with tip sheets, hands-on personalized attention just for you and your best gals!

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