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Wardrobe, Style and Confidence Consultant
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“Be You. There’s nothing more Be-You-tiful.” 

Leslie’s Story

The Obsession Began!

As a little girl I was obsessed with make-up! I lipsticked and swiped shadows on my dolls, painted up my friends, and giggled with delight as my glamour puss grandma polished my nails all the colors of a boxful of smarties.

And then, I grew up. Still obsessed with make-up, I took a job at a cosmetics counter at a large department store while going to school. I discovered I was pretty good at this beauty and business stuff. I became the brand’s youngest Counter Manager AND achieved the highest increase in sales in Canada. I enhanced hundreds of faces of all ages and races, (and my fair share of anxious and strung out Bridal parties!) and realized retail was NOT what I wanted for the long term.

After graduation from college, I joined the “real” world – and spent 17 years in the HR, recruiting and sales business – where I saw how appearance, behavior and non-verbal communication played a huge role in job seekers and employee success. I became the “go-to” job search “first impressions” expert. I was invited to speak to post-secondary student groups, new Canadians, and professionals in transition – people who were seeking employment and needed a competitive advantage.

My Own Identity Crisis

I admit it. I was obsessed. No longer with make-up but instead with being perfect.

I was a “should-head”. I should BE this. I should BUY that. I should LOSE weight. I should be PERFECT. All that “shoulding” on myself put me in a dark place. My own doing. I lost myself. Forgot what I was good at, what I enjoyed, what my favorite color was, I felt frumpy, dumpy and really didn’t experience a whole lot of sparkle in my life.

And THEN I figured it out.
I remembered my gift. My passion. And what made me giddy.

“I felt free, confident and beautiful. Hell, I looked hot – I felt hot – I felt like ME. Free from my straightjacket that I called a suit! Free from the expectations of everyone else. How INCREDIBLE it was to FEEL that!”


From HR Executive to Entrepreneur

In 2005, after studying under one of North America’s premier image trainers and successfully passing my international exam (Who knew there are actually credentials in the profession?!), I launched my first business, “IMPACT Image Essentials”.

I’ve helped women over 40 re-discover their fire, reclaim their confidence and kick their style into high gear! For over a decade, I’ve worked with thousands of nearly naked women in dressing rooms and closets across the continent. I’ve discovered the better and bigger way to help women to find themselves and fall in love with their closets again. So, “The Stylish Insider” is born.


“My mission is to help women over 40 get real (in other words discover their unique and authentic style), and catapult their confidence through their closets – one step by stylish step at a time.”

Yes! This is me.

Besides the Creator of The Stylish Insider, IMPACT Image Essentials and “Be-You-tiful Style Over 40” online program, I’m also a Corporate speaker/trainer in the area of Style, Personal Branding, professionalism and business etiquette.

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