Four Makeup Mistakes

From my earliest memories as a little girl, I’ve been obsessed with make-up! The latest products, techniques and looks are always on my radar.

AND…as I move into my mid – (okay, okay…beyond my mid 40’s), I’ve noticed that my make-up needs are changing – and from the questions my clients have been asking me a lot lately, theirs are too.

Today I’m going to share some of my favorite, tried and tested products with you along with some of the most common make-up mistakes I see Women Over 40 make, over and over again.

MISTAKE #1.  Concealer (not using any at all, OR applying it incorrectly)

Ladies, I’m a BEEELIEEEVER… In using concealer – everyday!  AND applying it correctly.

As we age, we tend to get a little gray in the corners of our eyes.  Brighten up by using a yellow-based concealer, one shade lighter than your skin tone (if you wear tinted moisturizer or foundation).

If you DO NOT wear a tinted moisturizer/BB Cream or foundation OR if you tend to be puffy beneath your eyes, choose a shade which closely matches your skin tone.

Apply to the inside corner of your eyes as shown above.  Blend into the center of the eyelid, and under the eye directly under the lash line.  Continue to blend gradually outward under the eye to the center.

**AVOID applying concealer UNDERNEATH your entire eye.  This accentuates any little fine expression lines you have.

MISTAKE #2.  No Eye Brows

Not defining your brows it like hanging a stunning picture on the wall WITHOUT a frame…regardless of how beautiful it is, it gets lost on the expanse of the wall.  There is no focus and no definition. 

In the photo here I have full make-up on but no brows. Not great. At the very bottom, you’ll see an AFTER photo WITH brows. Much Better!

It’s common for us to lose our brow hairs as we age, making defining our brows even more important and sometimes challenging.  Drawn on brows can look harsh and are especially aging.

Choose a brow pencil or powder (my fave) with a light texture and which is one shade LIGHTER than your natural coloring.  Stroke it on in upward light strokes mimicking your brow hairs and filling in the little bald spots.

If you have tweezed your brows to extinction, consider having them tattooed on by a skilled and reputable cosmetic tattoo artist.  Contact me for recommendations in your area.

MISTAKE #3. Too Much Eyeliner

Lately, I’ve seen this mistake over and over and OVER especially from women of a “more interesting age”.

Too much eyeliner ALL the way across UNDER the EYE is terribly aging – particularly during the day (and hey, I LOVE a dramatic eye – but there’s a better way!).

Instead, try applying a medium to dark eyeshadow with a clean lip brush – Apply under the lashline on the outside THIRD of the eye only and blend, blend, blend.

This works like a darn – and stays put all day without looking hard! Your mascara will provide the rest of the definition that you need.  

**If you don’t have many bottom lashes and don’t apply mascara on the bottom, consider using eyeliner on the TOP LID only.  I like gel formulation rather than a pencil – it doesn’t budge or fade all day!

MISTAKE #4.  STUCK! Same Products, Same Techniques.

NO that’s not a pic of me in the 80’s!  BUT, I confess it certainly is close to how I wore my hair and applied my make-up back then!  YIKES!!

Ladies, as we grow up, our products and techniques should grow up too.  There are a TON of new and great formulations on the market targeting almost every challenge we have.  Try them!  Try wearing a lovely new shade or formula of lipstick, test out a different way of applying your shadow, or sample a skin brightener or a primer.

Baffled by the choices and overwhelmed?  Call me: 1-844-STYLE40.  I offer private, Skype or in-your-home make-up lessons showing you how to use products you already own, recommend products which will flatter you and provide you with a hands-on lesson and coaching on how to apply your make-up yourself.  OR coming soon… you’ll be able to get your hands on my Stylish Insider Make-up Video Tutorial.  A step-by-step how-to beauty lesson you can revisit any time.

My goal is NOT to SELL you a bunch of stuff you don’t need, but instead teach you how to use what you’ve got, and how to apply it correctly.

  • Gel Eyeliner (top lid only) –  If you’re having problems with your pencil moving, transferring or fading – try a gel formula.  LOVE THIS STUFF!

  • Too Faced Eye Shadow Primer – helps your eyeshadow to wear all day, crease and fade free.  Available at Sephora and Shoppers Drug Mart Beauty Boutique.

  • High Definition Loose Powder – this product makes your skin appear flawless AND doesn’t accentuate lines/wrinkles!  Gawd, if I could roll my body in this, I would!

  • Silicone Wand Concealer – I love this concealer.  It’s weightless formula covers beautifully and doesn’t accentuate little lines.

  • LipSense by Senegence Liquid Lip Color – I will NEVER use regular lipstick again!  Apply this once in the morning and no need to retouch for 8 hours.  REALLY.  Contact Linda Nakashima for more details.


Create a great (and of course, stylish) day,


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