Four New Fashion

Breaking Fashion Rules came up in a conversation with my style mentor/coach recently. We talked about how at one point in our careers as Image Consultants/Stylists we were pretty opinionated.

Whoooo?  ME?????  (ya, afraid so).

I had rules I thought I would NEVER break and over the past few seasons and years….I find myself wearing exactly those same items I banished, AND encouraging my clients to try them too!


Here are some of my Favorite NEW Fashion Rules to embrace:

1.  NEVER Say Never

Do you remember when skinny jeans hit the stores?

I vowed that I wouldn’t be putting any of my clients in THOSE jeans – and I sure wouldn’t be wearing them either.
“Those things are for teenagers NOT grown women”, I would say.

AND guess what…they’re still around AND we’re all wearing them!
AND we look great!
AND we’re not teenagers.

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Give it a try.  Have fun with fashion. There are other ways to create visual balance with the body when wearing a skinny jean:  A short bootie, a blazer or a scarf – all work wonders depending on your body shape.

Bottom line: Fashion is an expression of you – if you feel great in it, wear it!

2. Give it a Second Look

Here’s another example of Never Say Never.

When short chunky boots hit the scene, I thought “YUCK!  Really?

That just visually cuts off a woman’s leg!
Why would we ever want to wear THOSE?”

Okay, fast forward a couple of seasons… I was in Italy looking at all the fabulously fashionable women (who are NOT teenagers either) and they’re wearing them.  And wearing them well.  They look stunning!

I got used to seeing the heavier silhouette of the boot (and gladiator sandal and “cage” heel).

More wearable versions are now available.

Last summer I wore a pair of black high heel “cage shoes” to death!  (and just replaced them with a really comfy pair from Naturalizer – YES, Naturalizer!)

I love how my cropped pants (another item I vowed I’d NEVER wear) show them off perfectly!

And while in Rome…yep, did as the Romans and purchased a pair of chunky grey boots.  And they were my “go to” boots all during the fall and winter.

Bottom Line:  Revisit a style if you’ve seen it around for a while.  Chances are the reincarnations will be kinder than the first versions.  Experiment!

3. You CAN Teach Yourself New Fashion Tricks

Can you pair brown with black?

What about navy and black?

Can we wear white after Labour Day?

What about wearing white to a wedding?

Gold jewelry with silver jewelry?

Stripes with floral prints?

I don’t know when the answers to these questions changed from “no” to “yes” but if you answered yes to any of these questions – you’ve learned new Fashion Tricks!

Almost all of us have old rules stuck in our heads which keep us feeling stuck – and because I’m in the stores constantly and on top of the trends, my eye and preference shift more quickly.

I don’t expect that to hold true for my clients – my job is to help guide, support and coach you to try something new that will flatter your body and their style.

4. Stylish Trumps Thin

I spend my days in closets and dressing room with nearly naked women – and the one question that I KNOW we’ve all uttered from time to time is…

“Do I look ______ in this?”.

I don’t even need to give you the word – you already know where I’m going.

Here’s what I’ve noticed – see if you notice too…

When a woman feels GREAT in what she’s wearing, when it reflects her personal style and she oozes confident radiance – DO you notice what size she is???

Nope.  Nadda.  Not at all.

Choose what you feel chic and stylish in – something that reflects who you are and forget about always looking thin.  If you feel great, put together and confident – that’s all that matters.  And there’s nothing more glorious and sexy than that.


Create a great (and of course, stylish) day,