The Sticky Warm Weather Secret

Do you dream of sunshine, sand and sandals? Painted toes, pina colada’s and… PAIN – from your sticky, naked thighs rubbing together?

Ok, minus the PAIN part. Let me explain…

To celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary and my brother-in-law and his wife, Brenda’s 25th anniversary – we took an 18 day adventure to Thailand. It was really AMAZING!! (get this…I used CARRY-ON ONLY – ya, I sure did!! I’ll share those tricks in a future article).

It was HOT, HUMID, SWEATY and STICKY every day. Ahhhhh, glorious!

Brenda and I packed skirts, a dress or two, tank tops – you get it, typical warm weather stuff, right? After our first few days in Bangkok, Brenda complained of a prickly, painful rash between her thighs.

Now, here’s the thing – I had encouraged her to pack skirts – and ditch shorts. OF course I did!! They transition from daytime to dinnertime effortlessly, they make a versatile bathing suit cover-up, AND they look great!

But now she was walking like she had ridden an elephant from Bangkok to Chang Mai (a loooooong way!)

Sorry Brenda!

Here’s the secret she begged me to share…

Bren, don’t you have a bike short shaper on?” 
I asked as I pulled my skirt up over my head to proudly show her mine.

“Les! Why didn’t you TELL me about those BEFORE?”  Yikes.  I had to do some swift back peddling here.

I seriously didn’t even give it a thought!

I wear a bike short shaper ALL THE TIME.  Really. Under dress pants, skirts, dresses, leggings – everything.

And not just in hot weather.  All THE TIME, at home too. And THIS is why Brenda begged me to share my secret with you.  (Although I didn’t realize it was a secret!)

A Bike Short Shaper is THE ticket to:
  • Avoiding a rash between sweaty, sticky thighs

  • Your skirt not getting caught between your cheeks when you stand up

  • Being panty-line free

  • A jiggle-free butt (I shamelessly confess, this is why I wear mine!)

Here’s what to look for:

Since there are a TON of different shapers on the market, choosing one can be overwhelming and a disappointment if you don’t know what to buy – here are your tips to success!

  • Lightweight – you don’t want bulletproof here.  Save that for the cool weather in Canada

  • Silky Fabric – this allows your skirt to slip over your derriere rather than get hung up when you walk

  • Seam-free across the thighs and bum (notice in the photo)

Where to find them:
  • Hudson’s Bay (a large number of brands and size ranges are available including Spanx)

  • London Drugs (Solutions by Secret, Slip Short)

  • Spanx.com or other online boutiques (my faves are the Skinny Britches Mid-thigh Short by Spanx)